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SiroTac is extremely dedicated to our customers by giving you strictly professional results. This is the reason for our existence. Our staff has been hand-picked by myself and highly experienced within the industry in many areas including engineering, testing, and manufacturing.

New product development

• Design
• Give us an idea and we will bring it to life
• We utilize the latest in CAD/CAM with SolidWorks and MasterCam
• Prototype
• We have different options depending on time, cost, and accuracy and can adjust to any priority or application
• Testing
• We will test and revise the product until it meets an agreed upon performance definition

Create, review, or modify an idea or product to be able to present it to the industry for effective and efficient manufacturing.

• Create a package ready for production manufacturing
• Review a package and give you our recommendations
• Modify a package to be production ready
• Source and qualify vendors to produce your product effectively and efficiently while keeping quality and cost the main objective

Visually updating an old product by giving it new/modern style.


• Test a product to a required specification or standard
• Provide feedback and suggested improvements
• Test a product to our standards and potentially be listed as a SiroTac Approved Product


SiroTac has an extensive base of manufacturers that it works with. With either existing standard firearm components and parts or unique custom parts, SiroTac can support by finding the best supplier for the application and oversee the production of the parts for quality and value.


We like to work with NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and pride ourselves on respecting and abiding to our agreement. We also have NDAs in place with all of our partners. Your programs are safe with SiroTac.